In the same way that history has its fragrance, each era also has its own scent.

Sakae Company, the predecessor to the Sakae Aromatic was
established in August, 1945.
It was right after the end of the war. People were still hungry back then,
and of course flavor would not make them full. So, why did Eiichi Nakayama,
our founder, choose this business?

He thought, "In Europe, you can smell the culture. Fragrant aroma
surely can make people happy"
? he decided to contribute to build the culture of fragrance to make
everyone's life happier.

Our business started with daily essentials such as soap and washing products,
and soon began contributing to build a unique Japanese culture of
"the scent of soap after a bath" too.
More than 50 years ago, in our 12th year of business, he traveled to Europe to
find more raw materials and business partners.

After 60 years, our business grew into a Flavor business in the area of
food and beverage, cosmetics and toiletries, and finally to fragrances.
Our motto of "we want to make everyone happy with our products"
has not changed even once.

Company History

  • August 1945
    Sakae Company Founded
  • July 1948
    Became a public traded company,
    Sakae Co., Ltd
  • February 1954
    Trade name is changed to
    Sakae Aromatic Co., Ltd
    April 1955
    Opened Oizumi Research Center
  • March  1957
    Traveled Europe to visit
    flavor/fragrance companies
  • April 1974
    Capital 24 million yen
  • February 2008
    Opened Sayama
    Factory/Research Center
  • September 2015
    ISO9001 certified

It was back in 1957 ? Eiichi Nakayama, the founder, traveled around Europe for 2 months to explore flavors and fragrances. He was in France, Italy, Germany, Belgium… he visited factories in Europe and got partnerships with many companies there. We still inherit the spirit of caring for the best primary materials.