We sincerely take our Earth and community into consideration.

We have the equipment with the latest technology at
Sakae Aromatic Factory/Research Center in Sayama City and
these systems are still very rare within Japan.

Firstly, filtration system; we use a TSS sewage disposal system,
which have been introduced in Nordic countries; this requires
no electric power, no underground flood, no discharge water.
Effluent water is cleaned by the microorganisms in the tank.
This latest system prevents nearly
all environmental burdens in our work process.

The green space around the building also has its meaning.
This green-belt sucks up clean water through many filtered layers
and then, evaporates.

We also consider how the air flows.
There is a Wet Scrubber which uses water to get dusts in the north
part of the 1st floor; we use this deodorization system to
manage air exhaust.

We of course follow the Fire Prevention Law and manage dangerous
object and hazardous material separately in the particular area.

Factory / Research Center