Flavor and fragrance sometimes bring us a particular scenery and season.

"The smell of orange is dazzling."
"It is like wind dancing in the field of herbs."
How pleasant and beautiful these moments would be!
Flavor and fragrance can attract people with their strong impression
and impact, the unforgettable charm it gives away. 

Sakae Aromatic designs and realizes preciously to the very detail of
the flavor and fragrances our clients seek.
Our research department and client managers work together to analyze
and develop the flavor or fragrance, using the latest equipment to
produce flavor and fragrance in season consumers expect.
During this process you can experience our trial products.

We call the power of the flavor and fragrance which make
the product special "Aroma power".
Creating outstanding "Aroma power" to fascinate people, keeping
a high quality while ensuring safety, precision,
the manufacturing process and speed; these strengths in many different
aspects make Sakae Aromatic the special product as it is.

Flavor Business

Fragrance Business