We react to the fast-changing market of the flavor business.

Let us share an episode with you. We once worked for a client
and were in charge of three products among their low-alcohol drinks.
For the rest, another company was in charge.

After the business battle that summer, we received good news. 
These three we worked for actually became products with consistent
growth while the others leveled off.
We do market research based on questionnaires every year to
understand trends amongst consumers.
We know as a fact that just like social conditions changes,
trends in the market also move on, the flavors which make consumers
happy today does change too. 

We are proud of our sense of smell and ability to catch consumers. 
Juicy, mild, fresh….
We have built an excellent reputation in the flavor business.
Also, often we work with clients for as long as 30 to 40 years,
who have realized long-seller products in the market.

Achievement in Development/ Soft drink, Health drink,
Lactic drink, Dairy products, Candy for throat, Candy,
Confectionery, Desert, Health food etc.
It is a very wide range of products
in the food & beverage industry we work for. 

Fragrance Business