Fragrance is, so to speak, a living environment in itself.

Here we would like to share an episode with you.
There was an elementary school which renovated its artificial materials
to natural materials with the smell of wood. Then,
the rate of absence was reduced. Some data states that schools built of
wood are more comfortable for children and keep them more energetic
than buildings built with artificial materials.
Fragrances that breathe with us, help to create an affluent everyday life.

Sixty years ago, Sakae Aromatic started our business
with the development of a fragrance for soap.
We know very well what kind of fragrance creates comfort and a cozy
feeling in people. We watch over children and seniors alike, and help
them to have healthy,
happy daily lives by being there with safe and pleasant scents.
In this way, we understand that fragrances can be an important
aspect of a "Living environment".

Sakae Aromatic explores fragrances which make consumers feel
relaxed and lively.
We have been successfully developing our Fragrance business with
constant practice for quality improvement and its safety.

Achievement in Development/
Cosmetics, Perfume, Soap, Shampoo, Rinse, Hair conditioner,
Hair care products, Washing products, Aromatic products,
Tooth paste etc. 
Our technology has harnessed a wide range of cosmetics &
aromas in the fragrance industry.