We contribute to society by pursuing the fineness and quality of aroma.

You feel happy and relaxed when you smell something nice
? as if a flower were blossoming in your heart.
“We want to use our products to contribute to an affluent society.”
This company philosophy has not changed since the start of our business 60 years ago.

People these days put more and more value on product safety and;
we often hear consumer's voices say,
“We want to know who makes the food we eat.”
“We want products made in a safe environment.”

Today, anyone who creates anything needs to ensure their products
are trustworthy and of high quality.
We, Sakae Aromatic, have been exploring product safety for
more than half a century.

In 2008, we opened a factory /
a research center with top quality equipment.
We felt that investing in the area of safety and development
would be very much worthwhile. Sakae Aromatic will continue
to be a quality-conscious company.